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FLUX:FX + Keith McMillen = match made in heaven! Get 20%-off the awesome SoftStep2 controller


Adrian Belew and NOIISE are excited to announce a partnership with Keith McMillen Instruments, makers of the most awesome hardware controllers around. The KMI SoftStep2 is the perfect controller to match with your iPad running FLUX:FX, with 10 gesture-sensitive pads registering pressure and position that let you actually PLAY your effects, live or in the studio. We are offering a 20% KMI discount voucher to all FLUX:FX owners – all you have to do is send us an email message via the FEEDBACK tab in the app. It can be a new feature suggestion, a bug report, a hate note… or even better a LOVE note.  Send us the email and we will send you a code that you can redeem one time for 20% off via www.keithmcmillen.com/shop. Its as simple as that! And if you haven’t yet bought the app, now is the perfect time.

So why are the Keith McMillen hardware controllers like the SoftStep and the QuNeo such a perfect match for the FLUX:FX app?  Unparalleled expression capabilities, flexibility, portability, customization… the list goes on. The SoftStep2 allows you to match the touch-based editing possibilities of the FLUX:FX app with hands-free performance options, and it is incredibly simple to set up!


And for all you SoftStep users, head over here to grab Adrian’s own special performance FLUX:FX preset – built by NOIISE audio mastermind and head of Studio Belew, Daniel Rowland.

Update: Useful feedback from FLUX:FX user Bernard – Don’t forget to change the port to “softstep expander” instead of the previous one “SSCOM”.

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