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FLUX:FX review in Sound on Sound magazine – April 2015


Adrian Belew FLUX:FX Sound on Sound review


Sound on Sound magazine, the top global recording and music technology publication, has given FLUX:FX the full bootcamp test. Guess what – they LOVE the app.

If your iPad enthusiasm has ever flagged, FLUX:FX might just be the app to give it a new lease of life.”



FLUX:FX – awarded best iOS effects in 2014 – ANR ‘Sonic Joy’

The AudioNewsRoom has awarded FLUX:FX with their Sonic Joy accolade for being one of the best iOS effects in 2014. It is fantastic to be included alongside such incredible brands/products as Audiobus, Korg Module and Universal Audio.

This is what Fab wrote:

noii.se FLUX:FX
Adrian Belew’s sound-mangling experience + great mobile design = a classy multi-fx app that raises the bar. Released at the end of the year, just in time for our award. Great timing, guys!

Very cool!



ANR Sonic Joy Awards 2014


FLUX:FX in the wilderness

So FLUX:FX has been out for a month now, and its time to have a look at what people are doing with the app!

FLUX:FX user Ritchie DeCarlo demoing one way to use the effects sequencer in the app, processing some tasty Fairlight ambience:

Multi-instrumentalist Jon Francis playing his banjo-sitar through FLUX:FX:

And this is us messing around with a fully pimped-out Eurorack modular and into FLUX:FX:

Now running the #eurorack thru the #fluxfx app by @noiiseaudio with @cell7 Pairs well, stupid amounts of fun!

A video posted by Sonar Traffic (@sonartraffic) on

live live live worldwide! FLUX:FX is available now :o)

Get it on your iPad now – click here!

And if you love it, leave us a great review! If you have feedback/comments/questions, send it to info@noii.se and we will get back to you ASAP.

Hope you love it as much as we do! Here is some footage of Adrian & friends making some truly obnoxious sounds with the app. Rest assured that it makes beautiful sounds too… this vid is just to show some of the weirdness that it is capable of!



Hi all,
so… an apology is in order. We have been promising FLUX:FX for a while now, and missed a couple of proposed deadlines along the way. There have been a number of reasons, not least our own eagerness to keep tweaking and adding features! Right now we have come up against an App Store submission issue that we are working with Apple engineers to resolve. This is frustrating, but we expect a resolution this coming week. This does not mean the app will be available immediately, but it means that it goes into the Apple review process. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more info on a release date.
In other news, Adrian Belew has built the FLUX:FX iPad app into his ridiculously large and complex live rig, and he is using it on his current North American tour. If you really can’t wait for the app, go see it in use at one of his gigs:

12/5 Carborro, NC Cats Cradle
12/6 Annapolis, MD Rams Head
12/9 Dunellen, NJ The New Jersey Proghouse at Roxy & Dukes
12/10 Bay Shore, NY YMCA Boulton Center
12/11 Falls River, MA Narrows Center For The Arts
12/12 Laval, QC Salle Andre-Mathieu
12/13 Quebec City, QC Salle Sylvain Lelilevre
12/14 Trois-Rivieres, QC Salle J-Antonio Thompson
12/16 Gatineau, QC Maison des Culture
12/17 Toronto, ON Mod Club
12/18 Ferndale, MI Magic Bag
12/19 Indianapolis, IN Radio Radio
12/20 Knoxville, TN The International
12/21 Cincinnati, OH 20th Century Theatre

When can I get my grubby mitts on FLUX:FX?

FLUX:FX is in beta… we are ready to go, just in the final round of testing and creating an awesome set of performances/presets/sequences. There are quite a few feature upgrades which we already have on the list but won’t be making it into the first release [we could keep going for another year with all the ideas we want to incorporate], but it is time to unleash the beast.

We expect FLUX:FX to be submitted to the Apple App Store end of November.

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