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Killer audio demonstration of FLUX:FX – thanks Florent!

OK – so Florent Roux is an amazing guitarist, that is clear, but what we also love is how he embraces technology and sound design. In this extended demo you can hear him really exploring the boundaries of the FLUX:FX app, going from the subtle and tasteful Sultans of Swing riffs, into some sublime ambience, into some face-puckering noise. Awesome on every level.

In other news, we are well aware of the 64bit issue that Apple is raising in the new operating system updates, and we are currently looking at our options here. Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who has contacted us so far with the question.

Free. Gratis. Zero cash. FLUX:FXplay is now free to download!

Free, free, set them free.

If you love some*thing* – set it free! Yes, Sting had the idea 🙂

As of right now we are doing a little experiment (somewhat inspired by that of Adam from fiddlewax) and setting our iPhone version ‘FLUX:FX play‘ to be completely free. That’s right! Not sure yet how long we will leave it at this price, but the idea is to get this amazing creative effects tool into the hands and pockets of as many music-makers as possible. What better way to do that than to set it free…

If you haven’t already, then GET IT NOW!!

Of course if you download the iPhone version and you want to upgrade to the big daddy master iPad version with full editing and deep tweaking possibilities, then please feel free! 


FLUX:FX is one of the “best iOS music apps of 2015” according to AskAudio magazine & Music App Blog



What a year! So our FLUX:FX baby has been out in the wild for 12 months now, collecting accolades from musicians and the press. In addition to the Red-Dot ‘best of the best’ award, the FWA recognition and the Sonic Joy award, FLUX:FX has now been named as one of the top 10 iOS music apps in separate lists by both AskAudio magazine and the Music App Blog.


What they are saying:

“FLUX:FX – creative effects for the iOS musician – very slick and sounds awesome. Take it as a given that effects themselves sound good and that there is plenty of flexibility in terms or editing each effect. However, what sets FLUX:FX apart is the beautiful design of the interface. This is an app that sounds great but is also great to look at and work with.” – John from Music App Blog.


“FLUX:FX is a vast palette of all the effects you’d ever want for stage, destruction, boosting and correcting. It’s designed where you can chain multiple effects through one another, and gives yourself a giant XY pad that can be assigned to an endless combination of effects parameters. Where it gets really crazy is that NOIISE added a sequencer on to this massive effect bank that records multiple effects changes, randomizes multiple effects, and even modulates multiple effects. Amazing interface, beautiful visuals and a slew of amazing effects tied to a cool, and nifty sequencer, at an amazing price.” – Rounik from AskAudio magazine


So – thanks from Adrian, Daniel, Nick, Victor and Niels at NOIISE, Happy New Year – and lets make 2016 even noiisier 🙂




‘FLUX:FX play’ is LIVE! Now you can get the award-winning FLUX:FX audio manipulation engine on your iPhone or iPod Touch.



Introducing ‘FLUX:FX play‘ – the creative effects app for your iPhone from NOIISE and Adrian Belew. Now you can get the award-winning FLUX:FX audio manipulation engine on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Here is the info:

NOIISE and Adrian Belew have announced the release of the professional multi-effects processor app FLUX:FX play, available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Built on the same Red-Dot awarded audio platform as the master FLUX:FX iPad app, FLUX:FX play has been made as a tool for creative musicians and sound designers to manipulate an audio signal into something new, both in the studio and on stage.

Suitable for guitar, vocals, bass, synth, drums, DJ setups, violin, essentially any instrument or sound source can be processed in real-time via the intuitive touchscreen interface of FLUX:FX play, and there are 282 performance presets to choose from.

Some key features of FLUX:FX play:

  • 31 individual effects blocks are built-in to the app engine, with up to 5 chained together within the performance presets.
  • A step sequencer is programmed into many of the performance presets, adding a fluid dimension to the sound.
  • FLUX:FX play has a minimalist interface with easy-to-use controls.
  • Audiobus compatibility, Inter-App Audio compatibility, MIDI.
  • FLUX:FX play features very low-latency settings to give truly professional performance capabilities.
  • FLUX:FX play does not have the deep editing of the effects that is a feature of the full FLUX:FX app, but performance presets can be created and edited in the iPad app and then ported into FLUX:FX play.

Price: $4.99 in the App Store.


FLUX:FX wins Red Dot – best of the best. All your award are belong to us!


We are incredibly proud to hear that FLUX:FX has been awarded ‘best of the best’ in product design and interface by the international jury at the Red Dot communication awards. This is a massive accolade for us, and we will be heading to Berlin in November to collect the award and check out the app in the Red Dot design museum.

“The creative industries are experiencing a period of growth. Ever new trends in digital communications, but also in event and print, lead to greater diversity and create new specialty areas,” says Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award. “Based on its international expertise and evaluation of the Red Dot Award: Communication 2015, our jury can confirm this trend, not least because of the new record number of entries and a noticeable increase in quality. Their achievements show that the winners can go beyond the industry standards. That has secured them one of the most renowned hallmarks of quality which will help them to communicate their success to the world: the Red Dot”.

Awards ceremony and exhibition
The winners will be celebrated at the official awards ceremony on 6 November 2015 in the Konzerthaus in Berlin. Afterwards the E-Werk in Berlin will serve as the venue for the Designers’ Night, a fantastic party during which the winners’ exhibition “Design on Stage” will be launched.

The Red Dot Design Award
The Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest and most distinguished competitions. Since 60 years, the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen honours excellence in design. The name and brand of the competition which today is well-known internationally were developed in the 1990’s by Prof. Dr. Peter Zec. The sought-after Red Dot established itself as a recognised seal of quality and is awarded in the disciplines of Product Design, Design Concept and Communication Design.

In other news, stay tuned for details on an update and a new NOIISE project coming soon!


iOS-compatible audio interfaces

Lifted from the site of app developer Igor Vasiliev [maker of the awesome Soundscaper and Altispace apps], here is a fairly comprehensive list of iOS-compatible interfaces that work with FLUX:FX. Thanks Igor!


Our current favourites include the Focusrite dock, the Apogee interfaces and the little Sonuus i2m. Waiting to try out the Keith McMillen K-Mix 🙂


FLUX:FX + Keith McMillen = match made in heaven! Get 20%-off the awesome SoftStep2 controller


Adrian Belew and NOIISE are excited to announce a partnership with Keith McMillen Instruments, makers of the most awesome hardware controllers around. The KMI SoftStep2 is the perfect controller to match with your iPad running FLUX:FX, with 10 gesture-sensitive pads registering pressure and position that let you actually PLAY your effects, live or in the studio. We are offering a 20% KMI discount voucher to all FLUX:FX owners – all you have to do is send us an email message via the FEEDBACK tab in the app. It can be a new feature suggestion, a bug report, a hate note… or even better a LOVE note.  Send us the email and we will send you a code that you can redeem one time for 20% off via www.keithmcmillen.com/shop. Its as simple as that! And if you haven’t yet bought the app, now is the perfect time.

So why are the Keith McMillen hardware controllers like the SoftStep and the QuNeo such a perfect match for the FLUX:FX app?  Unparalleled expression capabilities, flexibility, portability, customization… the list goes on. The SoftStep2 allows you to match the touch-based editing possibilities of the FLUX:FX app with hands-free performance options, and it is incredibly simple to set up!


And for all you SoftStep users, head over here to grab Adrian’s own special performance FLUX:FX preset – built by NOIISE audio mastermind and head of Studio Belew, Daniel Rowland.

Update: Useful feedback from FLUX:FX user Bernard – Don’t forget to change the port to “softstep expander” instead of the previous one “SSCOM”.

The Artiphon Instrument 1 and NOIISE FLUX:FX – a match made in heaven!

Daniel Rowland of NOIISE on the awesome Artiphon Instrument 1 – playing through the FLUX:FX app of course! There is 4 days left on the immensely successful Kickstarter campaign from Artiphon: pre-order yours now!



Daniel Rowland – On Digital Strings Daniel Rowland (Adrian Belew’s tech and collaborator) talks about his experience with the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1 and the future of musical interfaces.

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