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April 5, 2017 Nick

Killer audio demonstration of FLUX:FX – thanks Florent!

OK – so Florent Roux is an amazing guitarist, that is clear, but what we also love is how he embraces technology and sound design. In this extended demo you can hear him really exploring the boundaries of the FLUX:FX app, going from the subtle and tasteful Sultans of Swing riffs, into some sublime ambience, into some face-puckering noise. Awesome on every level.

In other news, we are well aware of the 64bit issue that Apple is raising in the new operating system updates, and we are currently looking at our options here. Stay tuned, and thanks to everyone who has contacted us so far with the question.

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Nick Nick is a founder & Creative Director of NOIISE. He thinks of & designs things, in between messing around with equipment and gadgets like a mad scientist.

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