fwa award
August 2, 2016

Free. Gratis. Zero cash. FLUX:FXplay is now free to download!

Free, free, set them free.

If you love some*thing* – set it free! Yes, Sting had the idea¬†ūüôā

As of right now¬†we are doing a little experiment¬†(somewhat inspired by that of Adam from fiddlewax) and setting our iPhone version ‘FLUX:FX play‘ to be completely free. That’s right! Not sure yet how long we will leave it at this price, but the idea is to get this amazing creative effects tool into the hands and pockets of as many music-makers as possible. What better way to do that than to set it free…

If you haven’t already, then¬†GET IT NOW!!

Of course if you download the iPhone version and you want to upgrade to the big daddy master iPad version with full editing and deep tweaking possibilities, then please feel free! 


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Nick is a founder & Creative Director of NOIISE. He thinks of & designs things, in between messing around with equipment and gadgets like a mad scientist.

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