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December 31, 2015

FLUX:FX is one of the “best iOS music apps of 2015” according to AskAudio magazine & Music App Blog



What a year! So our FLUX:FX baby has been out in the wild for 12 months now, collecting accolades from musicians and the press. In addition to the Red-Dot ‘best of the best’ award, the FWA recognition and the Sonic Joy award, FLUX:FX has now been named as one of the top 10 iOS music apps in separate lists by both AskAudio magazine and the Music App Blog.


What they are saying:

“FLUX:FX – creative effects for the iOS musician – very slick and sounds awesome. Take it as a given that effects themselves sound good and that there is plenty of flexibility in terms or editing each effect. However, what sets FLUX:FX apart is the beautiful design of the interface. This is an app that sounds great but is also great to look at and work with.” – John from Music App Blog.


“FLUX:FX is a vast palette of all the effects you’d ever want for stage, destruction, boosting and correcting. It’s designed where you can chain multiple effects through one another, and gives yourself a giant XY pad that can be assigned to an endless combination of effects parameters. Where it gets really crazy is that NOIISE added a sequencer on to this massive effect bank that records multiple effects changes, randomizes multiple effects, and even modulates multiple effects. Amazing interface, beautiful visuals and a slew of amazing effects tied to a cool, and nifty sequencer, at an amazing price.” – Rounik from AskAudio magazine


So – thanks from Adrian, Daniel, Nick, Victor and Niels at NOIISE, Happy New Year – and lets make 2016 even noiisier 🙂




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