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When can I get my grubby mitts on FLUX:FX?

FLUX:FX is in beta… we are ready to go, just in the final round of testing and creating an awesome set of performances/presets/sequences. There are quite a few feature upgrades which we already have on the list but won’t be making it into the first release [we could keep going for another year with all the ideas we want to incorporate], but it is time to unleash the beast.

We expect FLUX:FX to be submitted to the Apple App Store end of November.

It’s like the best parts of my favourite studio and live effect units, mashed together.
Daniel Rowland – Audio engineer/producer/musician – the online audio school

“Stupidly fun and addictive, but also with incredible sound quality and editing precision. Take one effect – The equalizer. It is like a surgical scalpel, and you can even chain 5 of them together to create a super EQ. That alone is more than worth the price of admission. But when you add on the waveshaping functions of the decimate and destroy modules then things really start getting serious.

If you are looking for that creamy Marshall or classic Fender twin tone… you are in the wrong place. This is a pure digital processor app. It is not attempting to replicate or copy vintage analogue effects – FLUX:FX is about redesigning your sound and creating something completely new. Although most of the effect names are familiar, they can be used and abused in ways far beyond their traditional namesakes. Traditional ‘safe’ settings of effects have been ignored so that the users can really push the boundaries.”

Sound-engineering mastermind Daniel Rowland is a renowned authority in studio production, audio hardware/software, recording techniques and sound design. He makes noises, pushes faders and teaches others how to do the same as a lecturer at MTSU. Daniel is the lord commander of Adrian’s massively complex guitar rig, and the designer and gatekeeper of Studio Belew.

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