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FLUX:FX – awarded best iOS effects in 2014 – ANR ‘Sonic Joy’

The AudioNewsRoom has awarded FLUX:FX with their Sonic Joy accolade for being one of the best iOS effects in 2014. It is fantastic to be included alongside such incredible brands/products as Audiobus, Korg Module and Universal Audio.

This is what Fab wrote:

noii.se FLUX:FX
Adrian Belew’s sound-mangling experience + great mobile design = a classy multi-fx app that raises the bar. Released at the end of the year, just in time for our award. Great timing, guys!

Very cool!



ANR Sonic Joy Awards 2014


FLUX:FX in the wilderness

So FLUX:FX has been out for a month now, and its time to have a look at what people are doing with the app!

FLUX:FX user Ritchie DeCarlo demoing one way to use the effects sequencer in the app, processing some tasty Fairlight ambience:

Multi-instrumentalist Jon Francis playing his banjo-sitar through FLUX:FX:

And this is us messing around with a fully pimped-out Eurorack modular and into FLUX:FX:

Now running the #eurorack thru the #fluxfx app by @noiiseaudio with @cell7 Pairs well, stupid amounts of fun!

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