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“WINNER - BEST OF THE BEST: digital design & interface" - Red Dot communication award 2015


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FLUX:FX - the award-winning audio effects app from Adrian Belew


What is FLUX:FX?

So… what is FLUX:FX?

FLUX:FX is a professional multi-effect audio processor app for the iPad that lets you ‘play’ your effects. Innovative, intuitive and exciting, FLUX:FX lets you manipulate any audio signal into something entirely new, and redefines the possibilities of audio and live performance in an app with an almost unlimited range of effect options. FLUX:FX is a truly authentic digital platform for designing your sound. Winner of the ANR Sonic Joy award for best iOS effects, an FWA mobile design award and the prestigious Red-Dot 'best of the best' 2015 award for design.


Truly creative effects

FLUX:FX has over 30 studio-quality effects to choose from, and an almost unlimited range of settings to let you twist and sculpt your sound. Chain 5 together for maximum aural impact.

Powerful sequencer

A touch-based automation sequencer for your effects that adds a completely new fluid dimension to your sound design.

Deep editing heaven

Every parameter of every effect is editable, assignable and with the fine tuner dial, PRECISE. That makes FLUX:FX a tweaker’s paradise.

Transparent interface design

FLUX:FX has a beautiful, minimalist interface combining easy-to-use controls with a mesmerising liquid polygon audio visualizer. No fake road-worn pedal graphics here.

Made to be touched

Designed and built from scratch as an iPad app, FLUX:FX is not a port from an existing plugin, it is MADE to be touched. And swiped, and dragged, and tapped. No tiny dials here.

Made by experts

Conceived and created via the combined talents of guitarist extraordinaire Adrian Belew, audio software developers ElephantCandy and mobile specialists MOBGEN.

Plays with everything

Audiobus compatibility (including saved states), Inter-app audio compatibility, super-fast MIDI, virtually all the audio interfaces… they all just work with FLUX:FX.

Complex sound, easy to use

Chopping, shaping, crushing and looping – FLUX:FX can take you from subtle modulating echoes through to wrecking-ball destruction, all with a swipe of a finger.


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“It’s really awesome, and the SFX and way to automate things is splendid. I love the GUI too, very nicely laid out.”

Richard Devine – Acclaimed producer, sound designer, film & game music composer, remix artist — Richard Devine has released beautiful glitched-out music through several of the world’s most revered and progressive electronica labels, including Warp, Asphodel, and Schematic.  

“This is a professional-feeling, imaginative effects processor with an interface as slick as they come. The one by which others will now be judged.”

SOUND ON SOUND magazine – Established in 1985, SOUND ON SOUND is recognised internationally as the ‘bible’ of the hi-tech music recording industry. 

“If you’ve got even the slightest interest in ‘out of the box’ music, FLUX:FX will make a great addition to your iOS music app collection.”

Sean Garland, iOS MARS – the iOS Musician App Resource Services website, with highly respected reviews of mobile music making techniques and tools. 


“I love the modular structure of it, and all effects sound really amazing.  I can come up with some crazy sounds!”

Fennesz – Austrian Christian Fennesz escapes the physical confines of the guitar via computer and electronic processors to create audio architectures that defy description. He has collaborated with Riuchi Sakamoto & David Silvian, and remixed Nine Inch Nails. 

“This thing is marvellous. FLUX:FX can mangle a sound into something completely new, but still retain your tone.”

Tom Trapp – Grammy nominated writer and arranger for some of the world’s biggest musical names, specialising in bringing together rock and electronic artists with orchestral ensembles. He has worked with everyone from Massive Attack to Steve Vai. 

“I’m building this into our live rig… the FLUX:FX app adds so many possibilities for all-out sonic destruction.”

Arthur Sprong – cutting-edge electronic producer specialising in beats and bass, working at Sonar Traffic studios in Utrecht with artists such as Ganz and Guerilla Speakerz via labels Bmkltsch Rcrds, Saturate! Records and HW&W through Sony/ATV. 


Be careful with those sounds or you will end up with broken speakers!

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NOIISE is about the art of sound. It is a collaboration between Adrian Belew Presents, MOBGEN and elephantcandy.

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Adrian Belew is the world’s greatest experimental whammy twang bar czar rhino king crimson stunt guitarist extraordinaire. With a CV including some of the biggest names in music from David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and King Crimson to Talking Heads, Paul Simon and Tori Amos, Adrian is famous for pushing the boundaries of guitar in both technique and tonal exploration. Together with audio mastermind Daniel Rowland he makes up a team where one plays the instrument, the other manipulates the effects and sound sculptures.

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MOBGEN is the specialist in mobile strategy, creativity and technology. As a pure mobile solution company and an awarded user-interface design specialist, MOBGEN partners with some of the biggest companies in the world to mobilize their services.  MOBGEN.LAB is the research division, set up to investigate disruptive innovation [with a focus on mobile technology and interface] and the changes in the way we interact with brands, products and places.

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Elephantcandy is all about Music and Sound. More specifically, audio software development for mobile devices. ElephantCandy offers a combination of high level audio technology and optimal performance for specific devices, focussing our knowledge and passion on developing enjoyable ways people can listen to, or make, music.

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Adrian Belew

Avant garde musician extraordinaire

Adrian Belew is the world’s greatest experimental guitar whammy twang bar czar rhino king crimson stunt musician extraordinaire. With a CV including some of the biggest names in music from David Bowie, Nine Inch Nails and King Crimson to Talking Heads, Paul Simon and Tori Amos, Adrian is famous for pushing the boundaries of guitar in both technique and tonal exploration. In the world of cutting-edge musicians, he needs no introduction.

Daniel Rowland

Audio mastermind

Sound-engineering mastermind Daniel Rowland is a renowned authority in studio production, audio hardware/software, recording techniques and sound design. He makes noises, pushes faders and teaches others how to do the same as a lecturer at MTSU. Daniel is the lord commander of Adrian’s massively complex guitar rig, and the designer and gatekeeper of Studio Belew.

the FLUX:FX Project by numbers

We have been working on FLUX:FX for well over a year, with prototypes and extensive live testing taking place during Adrian's tours with Crimson projeKCt and his Power Trio.


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